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SplitBar XT
is an ActiveX control that allows you to add horizontal / vertical split bars and multiple window panes into your application without any code. 

SplitBar XT
handles hosting, auto resizing and splitting in a smart and effective way thus providing full customization using advanced properties and events.
SplitBar XT is the easiest solution to build
complex and professional user interfaces.

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Simplicity: absolutely no code needed, very easy and fast to implement with WYSIWYG concept. No complicated design-time constructors or resources consuming wizards and property pages

Precision: each hosted control can be precisely placed, moved and resized independently

Versatility: Provides Hosting, sizing and positioning for an unlimited number of controls, even when created at run-time

Customization: provides programmatic control using embedded Properties and events 

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Single developer license is only 89 $ 

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SplitBar XT for professional split bar and resize 
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